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Websites for Jewelers provides online marketing and advertising to companies in the Jewelry Industry. “Our focus is on how to make a company successful through online initiatives. Let’s have an honest dialog about who your company wants to target, let’s look at what you’re doing now, and then let’s discuss how to target your potential customers through online avenues.” Dan Globus, the Managing Director of, has spent 20 years servicing companies in the jewelry industry going back to his early days as the President of Cool Bananas. “In my early years, the focus was on developing cutting edge jewelry websites. Now, DS4J (digital solutions for jewelers, the owner of looks critically at what a company’s website is doing for them and whether it is actually producing financial gains. We have found that even though just about every jewelry company has a website, a large percentage of these websites produce little to no financial benefits for the company. Our number one priority is to help you, the jeweler, use these great advertising vehicles to bolster your company’s efforts and make money for you.”

Websites for Jewelers


  • Online Strategy Review & Creation
  • Increase Online Presence
  • Increase Traffic to Your Website
  • Creation of e-Commerce Websites
  • Creation of Mobile Browser Friendly (i.e. Smartphones) Websites
  • Creation of Easy to Administer Websites
  • Blog, Article, Social Media Content Writing
  • Review of Social Media Efforts
  • Review of Current Service Providers
  • Monthly Online Activity Reporting

User Reviews

It has been a pleasure to work with Dan Globus and Websites for Jewelers. We constantly get compliments on how user friendly and beautiful Lieberfarb’s website is. Dan is full of ideas and information. He is constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends of the internet and he is always ready to offer suggestions on how Lieberfarb can expand its presence on the web. Dan understands the needs of the Jewelry industry and therefore knows how to incorporate the internet into our very specialized business. We highly recommend Dan Globus and Websites for Jewelers to anyone that is considering updating or creating a new website for their company.
Ann Arnold - CSO The BIG Network (former VP at Lieberfarb), The BIG Network
I’ve worked with Dan and Websites for Jewelers for the past 10 years and rely on his services, professionalism, and talent. Dan has been extremely responsive to our needs; when he commits to a job, we know it will be done accurately and on time. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of the jewelry industry and how much effort he personally gave to each and every project. Dan’s outstanding relationship with our company helped us to achieve an outstanding finished product, within budget and delivered on time. Whether you work with him virtually or in person, he is conscientious, efficient, and reliable — overall, a valuable resource for any company.
Frank Celentano, Benchmark
Novell Design Studio has happily been working with Dan Globus and Websites for Jewelers since early 2005. Our previous experiences with web design companies were very frustrating and unfulfilling. We found that many designers try to either incorporate all too many “bells and whistles” that make a site look glitzy but are impractical to search engine visibility, or their design approach is just too underwhelming for our potential wedding band customers. With Websites for Jewelers, we finally discovered a company that listened to our needs, yet also incorporated the functionality and design aspects required to have a successful website. Simply put – they understand the “big picture” of the World Wide Web. I whole heartedly recommend Dan Globus and Websites for Jewelers. This recommendation is without reservations and I welcome any phone calls to discuss any questions you may have. Hopefully your experience with Websites for Jewelers will be as pleasurable and profitable as it has been for Novell.
Rick Mulholland, Novell Design Studio
I found Dan Globus and his company Websites for Jewelers back in the fall of ’06. I originally needed a new programmer/designer to improve on my existing applications, but once Dan began his work, I realized that he’s much more than that. He’s a hands-on, nitty-gritty guy who’ll literally pull an all-nighter just to make sure that he’s fulfilled each commitment that he’s made no matter how small or simple it may be. From emails at 4 a.m. to phone calls at 9 p.m., Dan is not only reachable, but also ready to take action. I’m still always surprised at his level of enthusiasm and eagerness to please… my old programmers/designers should take a few pages out of his book! But aside from his way above and beyond customer service, Dan is also a fantastic source for industry information and has helped us make crucial decisions going into a future of uncertainty. Whether we like to admit or not, every business owner needs a “what should I do now” person that they can count on. Knowing that Dan is there behind the scenes gives me that much needed security to make those important decisions to hopefully lead our company in the right direction. I highly recommend Websites for Jewelers to any company looking to grow.
Adam J. Gil, Jerry Gil & Company Ltd.
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